Download and install Shusha hindi font

Hindi is national language of india. As its most used language in india. So many of us need hindi fonts and typing documents and important paper work in hindi. Many of us want to type in Hindi in MS word, Wordpad, Notepad or any windows application where we need Hindi font. To do same follow the steps given below.

1) Download and Unzip the given package in one folder. ( You may do it on desktop ). Download Font’s

2) Now go to My Computer –> C: –> WINDOWS –> FONTS folder Path will be like this in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts”

3) Now open Fonts directory from Desktop and copy all 3 font and paste them in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts” directory.

4) You done it. All fonts will get installed in your system.

5) Now open your word processing application and select Shusha font out of 3 fonts installed as per your needs.

We hope its easy tutorial to install Hindi font on your PC.

Here is the keyboard layout for Shusha hindi True type font.

susha font hindi typing

81 thoughts on “Download and install Shusha hindi font

    1. I have to make a ppt presentation in hindi and this font is not coming. It says not found.I am getting irritated now.

      1. Hi Simran, Use Google indic software or IME for typing in hindi in PPT presentation. Unicode fonts works well.

  1. Very interesting.will facilitate those who want to type in hindi any material educative or entertaining.

    1. Hell rinki you have to download this font!
      then goto your c:\windows\fonts deirectory and this font.
      the goto your favorite text editor and select shusha as your font and start typing.

  2. i am trying to write “se” , “te” and “ve” with his font but could not find where it is situated on the keyboard…….

  3. Namaskar,
    Thank you for this Hindi application, very good to maintain the use of the beautiful Devanagri script.
    I have one major difficulty with typing and that is that I cannot write every Hindi or Sankrit word I wish. For instance it is for me not possible to write Guru Vasishth in a proper way, bacause on the keyboard layout those special letters or letter combination are not available. Can you please tell me how to solve this matter?

    Bahut-bahut dhanyevaad.

    1. Hi Ayshi,

      have you downloaded font zip? then uzip its contents and then copy them to C:\windows\fonts directory or go to control panel — fonts and copy them there.

      Thank You.

  4. very bad site no helps to download shusha font showing all annnd kannnd faltu things bakar useless haga hua go to HHEEEELL

  5. i have been using this font from last few years and has been very useful for me. i have always had problem in writing kram or karyakram. r in k is not been typed in proper place.

    1. Hi M Bharati, Its easy you have to type it like “k-ma” use hyphen/minus key to have “r” on top of word.

      Thank You.

  6. I have installed the shusha fonts on Windows 8. I am unable to change the font on the on screen keyboard (OSK). Can you tell me how to change fonts on the OSK? Or install shusha as a language on windows 8. Currently the Hindi script available on windows 8 is MANGAL.

    1. Sorry as we are using win7 as our system we don’t have answers for your questions. We are so sorry for that. We will let you know soon. And if you have got solution please share it with us.

      Thank You.

  7. Than k you very much. The information was very useful and I can finally make Hindi PPT’s!!

  8. there is a powerpoint file it is in different font how can i change it in hindi font…..
    I had tried to change the excel font in hindi it is done but in Powerpoint it is happening..

    please help..

  9. I am using Shusha fonts to write in ms word for many years. Now I want to use this font for Google drive also. But I am not finding the way.Please help.

    1. Hi these fonts are not Truetype fonts. You need to use them on your pc and then save files on drive. Alternatively you can use unicode which can be done through Google hindi input IME for desktop.

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