Free 189 hindi fonts

Hello all, Today we are posting list of free hindi and devnagari fonts for you. This is biggest ever collection of hindi fonts on internet. This great collection was created by “Nandedians Blog“. But we are giving you all these fonts with their previews so you can grab “just that font” which you need. We hope you all will enjoy this post. for more information and copyrights read at the end of this post.

Update : Because of some tech issue there was 404 errors for all font files we have fixed that issue now you can download fonts. Thank you.

How to Install these fonts on your system?
1)Copy font which you need.
2)Unzip font on your desktop.
3)Now right click and copy this font.
4)Open “C:/windows/font” directory of your PC and Paste font which was copied in step 3. or
Open “Control panel” – “fonts” and Paste font which was copied in step 3.

Feel free to leave feedback’s, comments.

Here is the list Name, Download link and Preview of font.

Download Agra font – Agra.ttf

Download Agrab font – Agrab.ttf

Download Agrabi font – Agrabi.ttf

Download Agrai font – Agrai.ttf

Download Agra_cn font – Agra_cn.ttf

Download Agra_th font – Agra_th.ttf

Download Agra_wd font – Agra_wd.ttf

Download Ajay_no1 font – Ajay_no1.ttf

Download Ajay_no2 font – Ajay_no2.ttf

Download Ajay_no3 font – Ajay_no3.ttf

Download Ajay_no4 font – Ajay_no4.ttf

Download Ajay_no5 font – Ajay_no5.ttf

Download Ajay_no6 font – Ajay_no6.ttf

Download Ajay_nor font – Ajay_nor.ttf

Download Aman font – Aman.ttf

Download Amanb font – Amanb.ttf

Download Amanbi font – Amanbi.ttf

Download Amani font – Amani.ttf

Download Aman_cn font – Aman_cn.ttf

Download Aman_th font – Aman_th.ttf

Download Aman_wd font – Aman_wd.ttf

Download Amit_no1 font – Amit_no1.ttf

Download Amit_no2 font – Amit_no2.ttf

Download Amit_no3 font – Amit_no3.ttf

Download Amit_no4 font – Amit_no4.ttf

Download Amit_no5 font – Amit_no5.ttf

Download Amit_no6 font – Amit_no6.ttf

Download Amit_nor font – Amit_nor.ttf

Download Ankit font – Ankit.ttf

Download Ankitb font – Ankitb.ttf

Download Ankitbi font – Ankitbi.ttf

Download Ankiti font – Ankiti.ttf

Download Ankit_cn font – Ankit_cn.ttf

Download Ankit_th font – Ankit_th.ttf

Download Ankit_wd font – Ankit_wd.ttf

Download Arjun font – Arjun.ttf

Download Arjunb font – Arjunb.ttf

Download Arjunbi font – Arjunbi.ttf

Download Arjuni font – Arjuni.ttf

Download Arjun_cn font – Arjun_cn.ttf

Download Arjun_th font – Arjun_th.ttf

Download Arjun_wd font – Arjun_wd.ttf

Download Athlet font – Athlet.ttf

Download Dvdiveb0 font – Dvdiveb0.ttf

Download Dvdivex font – Dvdivex.ttf

Download Hemant font – Hemant.ttf

Download Hemantb font – Hemantb.ttf

Download Hemantbi font – Hemantbi.ttf

Download Hemanti font – Hemanti.ttf

Download Hemant_c font – Hemant_c.ttf

Download Hemant_t font – Hemant_t.ttf

Download Hemant_w font – Hemant_w.ttf

Download K010 font – K010.ttf

Download Kanika font – Kanika.ttf

Download Kanikab font – Kanikab.ttf

Download Kanikabi font – Kanikabi.ttf

Download Kanikai font – Kanikai.ttf

Download Aksharyogini font – Aksharyogini.ttf

Download Devlis_140_hindi-font font – Devlis_140_hindi-font.ttf

Download Kanika_c font – Kanika_c.ttf

Download Devnew font – Devnew.ttf

Download Kanika_t font – Kanika_t.ttf

Download Kanika_w font – Kanika_w.ttf

Download Kiran font – Kiran.ttf

Download Krdev025 font – Krdev025.ttf

Download Dvbw-ttsurekh font – Dvbw-ttsurekh.ttf

Download Dvbw-ttyogesh font – Dvbw-ttyogesh.ttf

Download Dvbwsr0n font – Dvbwsr0n.ttf

Download Dvbwyg0n font – Dvbwyg0n.ttf

Download Dvdivei font – Dvdivei.ttf

Download Dvdiven font – Dvdiven.ttf

Download Kanak font – Kanak.ttf

Download Kf-kiran font – Kf-kiran.ttf

Download Krdev026 font – Krdev026.ttf

Download Krdev030 font – Krdev030.ttf

Download Krdev031 font – Krdev031.ttf

Download Krdev032 font – Krdev032.ttf

Download Krdev050 font – Krdev050.ttf

Download Krdev055 font – Krdev055.ttf

Download Krdev151 font – Krdev151.ttf

Download Krdev152 font – Krdev152.ttf

Download Krdev153 font – Krdev153.ttf

Download Krdev154 font – Krdev154.ttf

Download Krdv010 font – Krdv010.ttf

Download Krdv011 font – Krdv011.ttf

Download Krdv012 font – Krdv012.ttf

Download Krdv013 font – Krdv013.ttf

Download Krdv014 font – Krdv014.ttf

Download Krdv016 font – Krdv016.ttf

Download Krdv021 font – Krdv021.ttf

Download Krdv022 font – Krdv022.ttf

Download Krdv024 font – Krdv024.ttf

Download Krishna font – Krishna.ttf

Download Krishna1 font – Krishna1.ttf

Download Krishna2 font – Krishna2.ttf

Download Krishna3 font – Krishna3.ttf

Download Krishnab font – Krishnab.ttf

Download Krishnai font – Krishnai.ttf

Download Krishna_ font – Krishna_.ttf

Download Liza font – Liza.ttf

Download Lizab font – Lizab.ttf

Download Lizabi font – Lizabi.ttf

Download Lizai font – Lizai.ttf

Download Liza_cn font – Liza_cn.ttf

Download Liza_th font – Liza_th.ttf

Download Liza_wd font – Liza_wd.ttf

Download Lms_ele font – Lms_ele.ttf

Download Lms_r_2 font – Lms_r_2.ttf

Download Lok font – Lok.ttf

Download Marathi lekhani font – Marathi lekhani.ttf

Download Marathi sharada font – Marathi sharada.ttf

Download Marathi-saras font – Marathi-saras.ttf

Download Maya font – Maya.ttf

Download Mayab font – Mayab.ttf

Download Mayabi font – Mayabi.ttf

Download Mayai font – Mayai.ttf

Download Maya_cn font – Maya_cn.ttf

Download Maya_th font – Maya_th.ttf

Download Maya_wd font – Maya_wd.ttf

Download Millenniumaditya font – Millenniumaditya.ttf

Download Millenniumameya font – Millenniumameya.ttf

Download Millenniumdeepak font – Millenniumdeepak.ttf

Download Millenniumganesh font – Millenniumganesh.ttf

Download Millenniumgauri font – Millenniumgauri.ttf

Download Millenniummogara font – Millenniummogara.ttf

Download Millenniumnilima font – Millenniumnilima.ttf

Download Millenniumpooja font – Millenniumpooja.ttf

Download Millenniumpriya font – Millenniumpriya.ttf

Download Millenniumshailesh font – Millenniumshailesh.ttf

Download Millenniumshridhar font – Millenniumshridhar.ttf

Download Millenniumvarun font – Millenniumvarun.ttf

Download Nutan font – Nutan.ttf

Download Pankaj font – Pankaj.ttf

Download Pankajb font – Pankajb.ttf

Download Pankajbi font – Pankajbi.ttf

Download Pankaji font – Pankaji.ttf

Download Pankaj_c font – Pankaj_c.ttf

Download Pankaj_t font – Pankaj_t.ttf

Download Pankaj_w font – Pankaj_w.ttf

Download Priya font – Priya.ttf

Download Richa font – Richa.ttf

Download Richab font – Richab.ttf

Download Richabi font – Richabi.ttf

Download Richai font – Richai.ttf

Download Richa_cn font – Richa_cn.ttf

Download Richa_th font – Richa_th.ttf

Download Richa_wd font – Richa_wd.ttf

Download Roupya font – Roupya.ttf

Download Ruchi_n1 font – Ruchi_n1.ttf

Download Ruchi_n2 font – Ruchi_n2.ttf

Download Ruchi_n3 font – Ruchi_n3.ttf

Download Ruchi_n4 font – Ruchi_n4.ttf

Download Ruchi_n5 font – Ruchi_n5.ttf

Download Ruchi_n6 font – Ruchi_n6.ttf

Download Ruchi_no font – Ruchi_no.ttf

Download Rvjanamarathi font – Rvjanamarathi.ttf

Download Saroj font – Saroj.ttf

Download Sarojb font – Sarojb.ttf

Download Sarojbi font – Sarojbi.ttf

Download Saroji font – Saroji.ttf

Download Saroj_cn font – Saroj_cn.ttf

Download Saroj_th font – Saroj_th.ttf

Download Saroj_wd font – Saroj_wd.ttf

Download Shiv01 font – Shiv01.ttf

Download Shiv02 font – Shiv02.ttf

Download Shiv05 font – Shiv05.ttf

Download Shus_02 font – Shus_02.ttf

Download Shus_05 font – Shus_05.ttf

Download Sp77n font – Sp77n.ttf

Download Tirkas font – Tirkas.ttf

Download Uwebsubak font – Uwebsubak.ttf

Download Vakil01 font – Vakil01.ttf

Download Vakra font – Vakra.ttf

Download Varsha font – Varsha.ttf

Download Varshab font – Varshab.ttf

Download Varshabi font – Varshabi.ttf

Download Varshai font – Varshai.ttf

Download Varsha_c font – Varsha_c.ttf

Download Varsha_t font – Varsha_t.ttf

Download Varsha_w font – Varsha_w.ttf

Download Vimal font – Vimal.ttf

Download Vimalb font – Vimalb.ttf

Download Vimalbi font – Vimalbi.ttf

Download Vimali font – Vimali.ttf

Download Vimal_cn font – Vimal_cn.ttf

Download Vimal_th font – Vimal_th.ttf

Download Vimal_wd font – Vimal_wd.ttf

Download Xdvng font – Xdvng.ttf

Download _kundli font – _kundli.ttf

Note: If you think one of the font listed in above list is paid one and its owned by you and you want to remove it. Please feel free to mail us on [email protected] with font to be removed. As we are only listing fonts which are free, publicly available on net like we have posted on this site.

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