Free 189 hindi fonts

Download Saroj_cn font – Saroj_cn.ttf

Saroj_cn font

Download Saroj_th font – Saroj_th.ttf

Saroj_th font

Download Saroj_wd font – Saroj_wd.ttf

Saroj_wd font

Download Shiv01 font – Shiv01.ttf

Shiv01 font

Download Shiv02 font – Shiv02.ttf

Shiv02 font

Download Shiv05 font – Shiv05.ttf

Shiv05 font

Download Shus_02 font – Shus_02.ttf

Shus_02 font

Download Shus_05 font – Shus_05.ttf

Shus_05 font

Download Sp77n font – Sp77n.ttf

Sp77n font

Download Tirkas font – Tirkas.ttf

Tirkas font

Download Uwebsubak font – Uwebsubak.ttf

Uwebsubak font

Download Vakil01 font – Vakil01.ttf

Vakil01 font

Download Vakra font – Vakra.ttf

Vakra font

Download Varsha font – Varsha.ttf

Varsha font

Download Varshab font – Varshab.ttf

Varshab font

Download Varshabi font – Varshabi.ttf

Varshabi font

Download Varshai font – Varshai.ttf

Varshai font

Download Varsha_c font – Varsha_c.ttf

Varsha_c font

Download Varsha_t font – Varsha_t.ttf

Varsha_t font

Download Varsha_w font – Varsha_w.ttf

Varsha_w font

16 thoughts on “Free 189 hindi fonts

    1. You can use any mass downloading software like FDM or DAP. But i prefer you just visit site for font you needed as that will help us to keep site live and load free.

      Thank You.

  1. सर, मुझे श्री लिपि फॉण्ट चाहिए, क्योंकि टैक्स्ट को यूनीकोड से श्री लिपि में बदल कर मैं अपने कम्पुटर की वर्ड फाइल में नहीं देख पा रहा हूँ. कृपया सहायता करें.

  2. Dear Admin!!

    Many Greetings!!

    Pls mail me CHANAKYA font setup for lipik use.

    Thanks & Regards

    Manish Bharti

  3. Can you provide Bhaskar (4clipika ) font series and other had line bold type font used by news paper Bhaskar/Patrika
    Bhaskar utra bold 6, 7 ….. etc

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